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radio – vintage media October 16, 2008

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I was lucky enough to get a private tour of NPR this weekend from Pam Fessler, a correspondent for the National Desk, currently doing research and pieces on the “voting process.” I must say, I was really surprised as to how interesting and stimulating the NPR atmosphere was, because most people my age would consider it to be a boring talk show on the radio.

Pam Fessler

Pam Fessler

Why does my age group refuse to examine the benefits of talk radio? It is one of the oldest forms of media where people used to only use it to to get any news. We probably underestimate it today because we are so used to multi-media forms, that we overlook the simple radio and think we can’t get as much out of it’s programs as opposed to a visual or interactive program.

There actually are many benefits of talk radio that I didn’t think about before this weekend. It is flexible so that it not only records commercials but also advertorials and live reads. Live reads are interpreted by listeners as endorsements of a product by a favorite radio personality to add weight to a campaign.

It is informative, as well as entertaining. NPR, and other shows, are not limited to filling gaps between music to convey news and messages. Their main goal is to keep the public informed with both serious and lighter, interesting news. Pam said the reporters try extremely hard to stay unbiased, particularly when it comes to politics, and sometimes bend too far over backwards giving the opposite view. Also, the amazing music library NPR has to fill gaps between news stories was quite impressive.

Talk radio attracts listener loyalty which leads to awareness and familiarity, and eventually trust. It is also considered is foreground radio. People listen to talk radio more attentively and don’t simply have it on as ‘background music’. It is also selective, which mean it has the ability to contact a mass audience or pinpoint a specific consumer group.

Talk radio is recognized as potentially the most powerful form of media currently in Australia, according to 6pr882 News Talk’s Web site. It offers incredible opportunities for businesses that have previously relied on either the press or TV to relay their message to potential customers.

I have a newfound respect for the “vintage” media form, and have a goal to start listening to it more often.


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