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girls as gamers December 9, 2008

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Not to append to stereotypes, or state the obvious, but mostly guys are gamers. Many girls enjoy playing some games now and then, but serious female video gamers are often few and far between, and are hardly represented accurately in the games themselves, as they are are ripped and incredibly busty.

“I like playing video games because it is the same effect as reading a book or watching a movie — except in this case you get to choose what happens to the story,” said Liz Hocking, a 5th-semester allied health major and big fan of video games. “It is both a way for me to unwind and a form of entertainment.”

Hocking explained that she usually prefers well-written RPG‘s (role-playing games) over FPS‘s (first-person shooter), because she enjoys good storylines and solid character development. “Without them, a game can still be fun to play (look at Gears of War), but for lasting value, a game has to have some sort of pull other than flashy graphics and big guns,” she said.

Girls have been trained to deal with their hostility by talking and venting with each other about issues. But ladies – why we do dismiss video games as a release of aggression for ourselves when we’re feeling a little pissed off just because it has become known as a “guy’s pastime”? It might be nice to sit down and enter a virtual reality for a while and shoot a few things to let out some anger. Try playing Halo when you’re in a fury and you’ll probably be surprised at how much you get into it (and hopefully it will help the rage subside). That sounds like more fun than talking about our problems all the time, don’t you think? Also, everyone gets competitive about something now and then, and video games are great for fueling friendly competition.

“Girls probably think games are too violent or unproductive or something, but I think it’s cool when they’re into them,” said Mark Westlake, a 5th-semester biology major and self-defined “gamer.”

There has even been research done about videogaming improving girls’ spatial skills.

Game on, girls!