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the glorified gangster November 11, 2008

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Al Capone, Bugsy Siegel, Bonnie & Clyde, Jules and Costello are all great American gangsters portrayed in movies. Gangster movies have been always been popular and will most likely remain a favorite genre for many years to come. Their worlds of violence, organized crime, and illegal activities are often glamorized in the media because they are so exciting to watch, but are people essentially supporting gangsters’ causes by supporting their stories so much?

An interesting aspect of the gangster life is that many mobsters and gangsters are portrayed as being very religious, and yet they kill and torture people without blinking. Good thing they pray a lot

Even music has developed a very gangster theme – especially in the rap industry. Every new rapper thrives to be the next biggest “G,” and their songs about the thug life often hit the Billboard Charts because people love hearing about the gangster life. Gangsta rap has been a legitimate genre of music since the 1980’s and remained popular since it’s arrival. Also, there are tons of new video games about the mafia and gangsters that are extremely popular with the youth today. Perhaps the appeal of gangsters is that their lifestyles give people their five minutes of feeling like a bad-ass.

Between movies and music about gangsters, there is so much that portrays them in an almost likeable, poignant way – which is kind of crazy when you think about it. The media portrays gangsters who are actually murderers, thieves, criminals, etc. as cool guys with awesome lives that are actually good at heart and just taking care of their families (in a nutshell…).